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Reader domain assays

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to the largest collection of over 100 reader domain proteins and a variety of reader domain assay services for screening, lead optimisation or selectivity profiling in the identification of reader domain inhibitors.

Reader domain proteins
The range of reader domain proteins includes:
• Bromodomain Proteins
• Chromodomains
• MBTs
• Multiple Domains
• PHDs
• SRAs
• Tudor Domains
Please search our website for a full listing of available reader domain proteins, or alternatively request further information and pricing from our specialist.

Reader domain assays available
• AlphaScreen assays
• BromoMELT™- the BromoMELT™ is a thermal melt stability assay ideal for testing the selectivity of any compound against a wide range of bromodomains. Available as a service or as an easy-to-use kit, 76 bromodomains in total are included, representing 53 members of bromodomain family
• Thermal shift assays

Material available for download
View example AlphaScreen assay service data.
View example BromoMELT™ assay service data.
View example Thermal Shift assay service data.

Contact our specialist
To discuss your reader domain assay services and products with our reaction biology specialist.

Other epigenetic assays available
Methyltransferase, demethylase, HDAC/HAT, DUB and PARP assays are also available