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QPrEST protein standards

The QPrEST™ Protein Standards from Atlas Antibodies are stable isotype-labelled control standards for mass spectrometry-based quantification of proteins. Covering almost the entire human proteome, the QPrEST standards are designed to target unique protein sequences, resulting in highly accurate and reliable quantification of the corresponding proteins. 

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Benefits of using the QPrEST protein standards
• Addition of QPrEST early in the workflow minimises bias association with variation in fragment size, caused by digestion
• Reliable quantitative measurement of corresponding target proteins
• Simple workflow: pre-quantified and ready-to-use 

QPrEST Quantificiation

The N-terminal part of the sequence consists of the QTag, used for purification and accurate quantification of the QPrEST. The C-terminal part of the seqeunce is identical to a portion of a human protein, and used by the end-user for absolute quanitification of their target proteins. 

Material available for download
QPrEST brochure
Application note: QPrEST standards digestion efficiency
Application note: QPrEST standards enable protein quanitification in cells lines

QPrEST protein standard citations

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Over 400 highly validated QPrEST protein standards are available, with custom QPrEST standards available on request. Contact our Atlas Antibodies specialists for more information on our QPrEST standards service.