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Protein Assay Miniaturisation - DropArray™

Cambridge Bioscience offers the Curiox DropArray™ system enabling the miniaturisation of complex protein assays  in either 96 or 384 well format. Total assay volumes can be reduced 5-fold, having a major impact on cost-per-assay and enabling the use of volume-limited samples.

The unique wall-less design of the completely flat, hydrophobic DropArray™ microplates is validated for use with magnetic and polystyrene beads as well as adherent, semi-adherent and suspension cells. A series of 96 or 384 hydrophilic spots on the plate surface forms the array. Using standard liquid handlers and non-contact dispensers, liquid is dispensed onto the spots forming droplets. The droplets remain in a fixed position even when the plate is shaken or inverted due to the hydrophobic environment.

The flat surface eliminates capillary action and allows extremely gentle washing by liquid exchange. The walls on the edge of the plate hold the washing buffers added in bulk during the wash steps reducing turbulence and thus losing far fewer cells and beads from the assay droplets, even with suspension cells and non-magnetic beads. An evaporation control lid creates a humidified environment allowing for gas exchange and minimises the evaporation of and cross-contamination between the droplets.

DA-Bead Plate
Miniaturising complex multiplex protein assays on DA-Bead plates - assay is set up with the same cocktail of bead and sample but total volume is reduced by 5-fold. Overall the workflow remains unchanged. Plate washing is performed using the LT210 Washing Station and avoids unnecessary clumping so that bead consumption is maximised.

DA-Cell Plate
The assay is assembled on the plate with the anti-evaporation lid is used to contain and protect the samples enabling long-term incubation of samples on DA-Cell plates. Plate washing is performed using the HT200 or LT210 Washing Stations.

Please see below for further details of the HT200 and LT210 Washing Stations.

Benefits Of Using The DropArray™ Microplates
• Simple & easy miniaturisation of assays
• Use as little as 250–500 cells in 2–4 µl assay drops (DA-Cell 384 plate)
• Use as little as 750–1500 cells in 5–20 µl assay drops (DA-Cell 96 plate)
• Use as little as 5 µl of beads with 5 µl of sample for immunoassays (DA-Bead 96 plate)
• Conforms to SBS/ANSI standard footprint for automation compatibility
• Compatible with standard liquid handlers & non-contact dispensers
• Excellent for optical imaging due to their planar surface & no-liquid meniscus
• Well suited for long-term (>3 week) studies due to excellent gas exchange with minimal evaporation from the anti-evaporation lid

DropArray™  Demo
Request a free demonstration, technical presentation or find out more by contacting our Curiox Biosystems specialists Here

Washing Stations

Cambridge Bioscience offers washing stations compatible with automatically or manually loaded DropArray™ Microplates. The liquid-tight chamber of the stations is formed with a clamping mechanism. After an aqueous washing buffer is automatically added, the station gently shakes the microplate for washing whilst minimising cell loss. The station then tilts the microplate using gravity to drain excess washing buffer from the planar surface, avoiding the harsh, high-velocity liquid exchange associated with traditional washers and microplates. Buffer is added at a very low velocity preventing cell and bead loss. In addition, a magnet array is embedded in the plate holder for helping to retain magnetic beads on the microplate upon washing. Despite the low velocity, plate processing time is comparable to traditional washers because the entire plate is treated at once. After the microplate is removed from the station the plate is ready for accepting the next set of reagents.

DropArray HT200 Washing Station MX

• Compatible with automatically or manually loaded DropArray™ Microplates
• Catalogue number P/N HT-200MX-01-03
• 50 cm (20”) x 40 cm (16”) x 40 cm (16”)
• 25 kg (55 lb)
• 96 format HT magnet clamper catalogue number P/N HT-CP-MAG-96-01
• 384 format HT magnet clamper catalogue number  P/N HT-CP-MAG-384-01

DropArray LT210 Washing Station MX

• Compatible with manually loaded DropArray™ Microplates
• Catalogue number P/N LT-210MX-01-01
• 38 cm (15”) x 25 cm (10”) x 33 cm (13”)
• 8 kg (18 lb)
• 96 format LT magnet clamper catalogue number P/N LT-CP-MAG-96-01
• 384 format LT magnet clamper catalogue number P/N LT-CP-MAG-384-01
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