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Protease screening & profiling

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a fully defined, flexible profiling and screening service for potential drug inhibitors of protease targets in drug discovery. With the choice of an extensive panel of over 60 target proteases, this service uses highly specific and functional fluorogenic based functional assays with specific substrates to avoid the false positives and negatives generated by other assay formats. Testing formats from regular profiling to miniaturised HTS platform are available.

Benefits of using the RBC protease screening and profiling service
• Specific fluorogenic peptide substrate assay for both profiling and low cost HTS
• High-quality results
• High sensitivity
• Exceptional reproducibility
• No antibody requirement
• Minimum false positives and negatives
• No intermediate dilution
• Small sample requirement - only nanoliters of compound required

Protease screening and profiling services available
• Larger scale HTS
• Large scale single dose and duplicate profiling
• IC50 profiling - 10 dose with curve fitting
• Ki determination
• Specific Substrates used
• Custom assay development

Protease screening targets
Protease Screening ServiceExample data
View an example data produced by the protease profiling and screening service.

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