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Modern Blue & White LED Transilluminator - BluPad

Cambridge Bioscience offers an innovative and modern take on the traditional transilluminator. Using dual LED light sources for white and blue illumination, BluPad is a modern, low profile system designed for observing and analysing the nucleic acids and proteins on gels. With a smart-phone compatible origami style dark room, hinge free design and compact size, BluPAD is an essential for every busy research and teaching bench.

Benefits of Using BluPad
• Dual LED white & blue light source
• Blue light filtered out for perfect image contrast using an amber viewing screen
• Pictures taken with a smart phone using origami style darkroom
• Gels sliced directly on the illuminator due to scratch-proof cutting screen
• 3 adjustable levels of light intensity for optimal contrast & image quality
• Light source life maximised with 5 minute auto-power off
• Safe & stable illumination using bottom-up LED illumination
• Simple & convenient with magnetic filter & hinge-free design
• Gels can be viewed without protective goggles
• Stable low profile design to make best use of bench space

Blue Light Mode
With 470nm LED light as the excitation light source, blue light mode is used for qualitative and quantitative nucleic acid or protein experiments using  fluorescent staining reagents. The magnetic amber filter, with the hinges-free design, offers simplicity, safety, and convenience when opening and closing the filter while the scratch-proof glass plate and gel-cutting knife (included) enables simple laboratory handling. BluPad is a perfect companion to many ‘safe’ dyes including GelGreen™.

White Light Mode
Using a soft and uniform whole-wavelength white LED light and three levels of illumination to create the best image quality, white light mode is ideal SDS-PAGE gels stained with the Coomassie Blue or Silver Stain.

• Unit dimensions (WxLxH): 18.5 x 22 x 3 cm
• Gel viewing dimensions (WxL): 12 x 18 cm
• Input voltage: 100-240 Vac
• Input current: 2.0A
• LED source: Built-in blue light & white light LED module
• LED life: >30,000 hours
• Emission maxima: 470nm
• Automatic power-off: 5 minutes
• Filter type: Amber filter (580nm)
• Certifications: CE/ETL

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