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miRNA qPCR Profiling

Cambridge Bioscience offers a custom microRNA expression profiling service from System Biosciences (SBI). SBI's experienced scientists will profile microRNAs from your RNA samples using real-time qPCR. SBI's quality qPCR array profiling data are very sensitive (requires femtogram amounts of RNA per measurement) and are highly quantitative with several log-fold dynamic range with superior and accurate results guaranteed.

qPCR Arrays Available
Please select your qPCR array:

1. Genome-wide miRNome qPCR Profiling Array
To find out more, about the miRNome qPCR profiling array, please Click Here

2. OncoMir qPCR Array
To find out more, about the OncoMir qPCR array, please Click Here

3. Stem Cell qPCR Array
To find out more, about the stem cell qPCR array, please Click Here

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