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Automated Cell Imaging System - JuLIStage

Micro-Volume Spec & Fluorometers - DeNovix

Cambridge Bioscience offers the Denovix range of microvolume spectrophotometers and fluorometers for UV-Vis and fluorescence quantification. Including the winner of the reviewers’ choice award for life sciences product of the year (SelectScience®) and the world's most sensitive microvolume spectrophotometer integrating 1µl UV-Vis, cuvette and fluorescence (DS-11 FX+), requiring no calibration and supplied with a 3 year warranty as standard, these intruments are a must for every molecular biologist.

What People Say About The DS-11 Systems
I can't imagine my everyday lab work without this instrument
 "I would highly recommend this product. After demoing multiple units for RNA and protein analysis, our lab decided to go with this product for multiple reasons. First, its reliability and consistency. Second, the everyday usability. Since it has a big touchscreen with android interface it’s a pleasure to work with. Third, it takes up little space on a bench and doesn't require a computer to be attached."
The George Washintgon University

It's a must for a molecular biologist 
"It is extremely easy to use. It is compact, and does not require a big space. My lab is small and it really helps that the spectrophotometer is compact. The operations are also less time consuming, and the instrument is extremely helpful as it can perform various operations. The best part is that it has an inbuilt screen so you don't have to attach a computer to download the software."
Oklahoma State University

Review source: More outstanding reviews can be found Here

DS-11 Series

Benefits of Using the DS-11 Instruments
• No calibration required
• Best in class fluorescence sensitivity when used with DeNovix assays
• UV/Vis works with proteins and nucleic acids
• Sample contamination alerts with SmartQC™
• 3 year warranty as standard
• Easy to use with a simple interface
• Fully network connected - email data or print direct from the instrument
• A great choice of colours - blue, red, white & grey
• Compatible assays with the greatest sensitivity & widest dynamic range on the market

DeNovix Fluorescence dsDNA Assays
Optimised for use with the DS-11 systems, the DeNovix fluorescence dsDNA assays provide the greatest sensitivity and widest dynamic range available on the market. Find out more Here

DeNovix dsDNA Assay Sensitivity Comparison With Qubit®

Organise a DS-11 FX + Demonstration
To organise a free demonstration or to find out more, please contact one of our DS-11 specialists Here

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