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Fastest 16S Library Prep - Quick-16S™ NGS Library Prep Kit
Microbiomic & Metagenomic Research Tools
Long Read Microbiome Sequencing From Illumina Sequencers

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Microbiomic & metagenomic NGS

Next generation sequencing (NGS) has become the method of choice as researchers explore the complexity of microbial communities for basic research, food safety and quality testing, pathogen detection, soil health monitoring, diagnostics development, and more.

Nucleic acid samples can be limited and contaminated with host DNA, closely related microbial species may be hard to discriminate, and the abundance of different organisms difficult to quantify.

Cambridge Bioscience offer a range of innovative technologies from suppliers of microbiomics NGS products, to ensure researchers get accurate NGS data from efficient and cost effective library prep kits.

LoopSeq™ from Loop Genomics
Conventional short-read NGS technology can only identify a fraction of the organisms in a microbial population at the species level, and cannot provide information on microbe abundance. Alternative long-read sequencing approaches have the potential for more accurate species identification and abundance measurements, but the high error-rate of current long-read technologies leads to less reliable results.

To help researchers overcome these challenges and develop accurate and comprehensive data on the composition of microbial communities, Loop Genomics has developed a range of affordable, easy-to-implement microbiome and mycobiome metagenomics kits and sequencing services. Leveraging Loop’s synthetic long read technology, every kit delivers the advantages of long-read sequencing from the convenience of existing Illumina® sequencing infrastructure. 

Find out more about how the technology works.

LoopSeq from Loop Genomics

Unlike short-read sequencing approaches which provide information on just a few of the variable regions in the 16S ribosomal RNA gene—typically V3 and/or V4-V5 —the long reads generated by the LoopSeq 16S Microbiome Kit provide sequence information for the complete 16S variable region  As a result, the majority of organism assignments are at the species or even strain level. In addition, because barcoding happens before PCR amplification*, quantitation is highly accurate, provides absolute rather than relative measurements, and is free from PCR bias.
*Except for the 16S Low Biomass Kit, which includes a few PCR amplification cycles prior to barcoding.

Long read microbiome seq from Illumina® sequencers - LoopSeq™

Quick-16S™ NGS Library Prep Kit from Zymo Research
The Quick-16S NGS Library Prep Kit standardises library preparation for 16S rRNA sequencing. The kit utilises real-time (quantitative) PCR (qPCR) rather than endpoint PCR for 16S rRNA amplification, enabling direct quantification of PCR products and eliminating the need for additional library quantification analysis such as TapeStation analysis or gel electrophoresis. An enzymatic clean-up is introduced between the two PCR steps, saving time and reducing costs as compared to lengthy AMPure bead-based clean-ups. The kit includes all the reagents needed to convert 96 DNA samples to a 16S library. The resulting library is directly compatible with the Illumina MiSeq without needing additional custom sequencing primers.

Benefits of using the Quick-16S NGS Library Prep Kit
• Only 1.5 hours hands-on time needed
• No TapeStation® analysis or AMPure® clean-ups required
• Contains all necessary reagents
• Less than two percent abundance of PCR chimeric sequences
• Increased phylogenetic coverage of bacteria and archaea with novel primers
• Species-level resolution for human microbiome profiling

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Microbial community standards
Cambridge Bioscience offers standards from Zymo Research who were the first to release standards for assessing bias in any microbiomics workflow.Find out more

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