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Fluorogenic Mitochondrial Stains For Live Cells

Comprehensive Epigenetic Profiling and Screening Services
Ion Channel Screening & Profiling Services

Methyltransferase & Demethylase Screening

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to the only Gold-Standard radioisotope-based service for both methyltransferase and demethylase assay profiling and low-cost high throughput screening services.

Benefits of Using the Methyltransferase and Demethylase HotSpotSM Assay
• Only assay technology using nucleosome, histone protein and peptide or DNA as substrates
• Exclusive recombinant proteins validated for purity and activity in drug discovery applications
• Largest methyltransferase and demethylase panel in the industry
• Stringent control system - one standard control compound included in every assay
• No need for substrate labelling
• No antibody requirement
• Minimum false positives & negatives
• No intermediate dilution
• No interference from fluorescent compounds
• Small compound requirement - only nanoliters of compound needed

Methyltransferase & Demethylase Services Available
• Larger scale HTS
• Large scale single dose, duplicate profiling
• IC50 profiling — 10 dose with curve fitting
• Ki determination
• Custom assay development

Methyltransferase & Demethylase Screening Targets

Example Data
View example methyltransferase profiling and screenings service data Here
View example demethylase profiling and screenings service data Here

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Other Epigenetic Assays Available
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