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Locus-specific 5-mC analysis - MethylCheck™

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a site- or locus-specific 5-mC analysis service for epigenetic biomarker validation from Zymo Research. Providing publication quality data, the MethylCheck™ service is suitable whether you have methylation array (27K/450K/850K) data that you would like to validate in a large sample cohort or a specific gene region in mind. Zymo Research’s scientists are available to design, validate and evaluate site-specific DNA methylation changes. Simply send your samples and regions of interest (following discussion with Cambridge Bioscience) and Zymo Research will perform every step right through to data analysis.

Benefits of using the MethylCheck™ Service MethylCheck
• Primer design and validation
• Targeted amplification
• Adapterisation and barcoding
• Illumina™ sequencing technology
• DNA methylation data bioinformatics analysis and support

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