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Library normalisation and rRNA depletion

Key processes such as library normalisation and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) depletion are commonly carried out during next generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation. Appreciating the importance of these methods, our portfolio includes a selection of products that can be used to improve output and reliability of sequencing data.

For library normalisation, we offer a novel enzymatic library normalisation technology from Swift Biosciences, to generate balanced, multiplexed NGS library pools ready for sequencing. Our rRNA depletion options include the highly complex, optimally designed, biotinylated riboPOOL oligos from siTools Biotech and the fast and easy Zymo-seq RiboFree™ total RNA library kit from Zymo Research, which uses novel probe-free technology to remove rRNA, globin or any other over-abundance, repetitive transcript from any sample type.

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