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Fresh Human Plasma

Fresh Human Cord Blood
Human AB Serum

Highly effective & efficient in vitro delivery of Cas9 RNP for genome editing in challenging cells

Leukapheresis blood products

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to frozen mobilised and nonmobilised human leukapheresis blood samples.

Benefits of our frozen human leukapheresis blood samples
• High post-thaw viability
• Mobilised and nonmobilised formats available
• Highly concentrated human leukocyte samples
• Samples consented for genetic research
• Range of volumes available

Leukapheresis blood isolation
Leukapheresis is a procedure to separate and collect large numbers of white blood cells in a safe and efficient manner from donors. During the procedure, blood is drawn from one arm and passes through a machine that collects the white blood cells. The remaining portion of the blood is then returned to the donor via a catheter inserted in the other arm.

Mobilised leukapheresis blood isolation
Mobilised leukapheresis is carried out by administering granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) to donors (‘mobilising’ stem cells from bone marrow into the peripheral bloodstream) and then harvesting and concentrating the cells.

Mobilisation details
• Healthy donor is mobilised using G-CSF
• 10mcg/kg is injected to the donor for five days
• A full Leukopak is collected on days five and six
• Terumo's COBE Optia Apheresis machine is used for the collection using CMNC program
• An average of 200 ml sample is collected
• Average total nucleated cell count is 40 billion cells
• Five differential CBC report is provided with each sample

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To request a quote or find out more, please contact our blood specialists.

These products are for research use only and not for any human diagnostic or therapeutic use. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have necessary licensing and ethics approvals in place for the use, storage and disposal of any human tissue related material supplied by Cambridge Bioscience.

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