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Lentiviral Delivery

Cambridge Bioscience offers research tools utilising the third-generation biosafe lentivector system for the expression of shRNA, cDNA and microRNA sequences.

LentiStarter Kit: Optimal packaging, concentration & transduction in one convenient starter kit
LentiSuite Kit: Complete system for optimal packaging, concentration & titering
Lentiviral Packaging: Deliver & express lentiviral constructs into a range of mammalian cells
Lentiviral Concentration: Easily concentrate virus 10- to 100-fold
Lentiviral Titer: Accurate viral quantification
Lentiviral Transduction: Increase lentiviral transduction with TransDux™

Custom Lentiviral Services
We also offers access to custom lentiviral cloning and packaging services. Find out more by clicking on the relevant link below:
Lentiviral Packaging Services

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