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Lentiviral Cloning Services

Cambridge Bioscience offers a custom lentiviral cloning service, providing a wide-range of options for single shRNAs, multiple shRNAs, cDNAs, microRNAs and transcription reporter construct cloning. With a wide choice of promoters, reporter genes and delivery systems including lentivector, minicircle and PiggyBac™ vectors, this service provides researchers with exactly what they require.

Benefits Of Using These Services
• Sequence verified custom-built constructs supplied
• Large portfolio of vectors available
• Cold fusion cloning - multiple fragments cloned in a single step
• MetaMorph custom mutagenesis service also available

Cloning Services Available
Cambridge Bioscience offers the following lentiviral cloning services:
1. shRNA Construct Cloning
2. cDNA Construct Cloning
3. miRNA & Transcription Reporter Cloning
4. Transcription Reporter Construct Cloning

1. shRNA Construct Cloning
Three shRNA constructs targeted to a chosen gene are designed, cloned and sequence verified or you can specify the shRNA sequence to be cloned. Choose from any of SBI's available shRNA lentivectors. 5-10 ug of plasmid DNA will be supplied upon completion of the custom shRNA constructs. In addition, these vectors can be packaged into pseudoviral particles and returned as ready-to-infect, concentrated virus.
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2. cDNA Construct Cloning
Custom constructs expressing the cDNAs are generated for a target gene using a specified choice of promoters, fluorescent markers and selectable resistance markers.
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3. miRNA Construct Cloning
Custom microRNA precursor clones or miRZip anti-microRNA constructs are designed and built. Custom constructs or any of SBI's existing microRNA Lenti-miR™ expression clones can be prepared as high-quality plasmid DNA. These expression clones can also be packaged into lentivirus vectors ready for transduction.
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4. Transcription Reporter Construct Cloning
Transcriptional reporter constructs can be generated for your transcriptional factors (TFs) of choice using SBI’s GreenZeo or GreenFire Lentivectors. Stable transcriptional reporter cell lines can also be generated.
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