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Image Based, Multi-Channel Cytometer - Arthur™

Cambridge Bioscience offers a fully automated, multi-channel, image-based, cytometer. Arthur™ includes state-of-the-art optics and algorithms for accurate brightfield and fluorescence counting. Maximise your application potential and simplify cellular analysis with the all-in-one Arthur™ cytometry system.

Benefits of Using Arthur™
Advanced accuracy
Comprehensive & accurate assay results
• Exceptional flexibility
Multiple applications with 3 channel acquisition
• High-speed counting
Obtain results in <1 minute
• User friendly
Rapid setup & intuitive interface
• Multiple export formats
Export data to CSV, FCS, JPEG and PDF

Arthur™ Applications
1. Cell Counting & Viability
Using propidium iodide, Arthur™ can quickly and accurately determine the concentration of both live and dead cells in a sample.

2. Fluorescence Expression (GFP & RFP)
Arthur™ counts and analyses cells in GFP, RFP and brightfield channels, displaying them as a histogram and circling them on the recorded image. This recording method allows easy gating based on size and fluorescence.

3. Apoptosis Analysis
Arthur™ can easily distinguish between live, dead and apoptotic cells using Annexin V (488 nm) and PI staining, with results comparable to FACS. We are able to provide accompanying annexin/PI kits for use in this application (Cat #: CAY600300-100 & BT30065).

4. Cell Cycle Analysis
The fluorescence intensity of stained cells can be detected and cell populations can be accurately gated with Arthur™. The results can be used to determine cell cycle stages and automatically obtain histograms and tabulated cell population data.

Technical Specifications

Product Details
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Material Available For Download
Application Note: Enhanced Stem Cell Viability

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