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Comprehensive Epigenetic Profiling and Screening Services
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Histone Deacetylase & Acetylase Screening

Cambridge Bioscience offers a fully defined, flexible profiling and screening service for potential drug inhibitors of HDACs/HATs. Using specific substrates in either radioisotope-based or fluorogenic-based functional assays, these highly sensitive and highly reproducible assays provide minimal false positives and negatives. These features make this service ideal for ensuring the right drug candidates are selected and progressed through the pipeline. Testing from regular profiling to miniaturised HTS platform is also available.

Benefits of Using the HDAC & HAT Screening & Profiling Service
• Gold standard radioisotope-based assay service for HATs or fluorogenic peptide substrate assay for HDACs
• Flexible - available for profiling & low cost high-throughput screening
• High sensitivity
• High reproducibility
• No antibody requirement
• Minimum false positives & negatives
• No intermediate dilution
• Small compound requirement - only nanolitres of compound required

HDAC & HAT Services Available
• Larger scale HTS
• Large scale, single dose, duplicate profiling
• IC50 profiling — 10 dose with curve fitting
• Ki determination
• Specific substrate for class2a HDACs used
• Custom assay development available

HDAC & HAT Screening Targets

HDAC & HAT Assays
CBP HDAC8 Nuclear Extract
HDAC1 HDAC9-Class2a sub p300
HDAC4-Class2a sub hGCN5 SIRT2
HDAC5-Class2a sub KAT5 SIRT3
HDAC7-Class2a sub MYST4  

Example Data
View example data produced by the HDAC and HAT profiling and screening service Here

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Other Epigenetic Assays Available
Methyltransferase, demethylase, bromodomain, DUB and PARP assays are also available. To find out more, please Click Here
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