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Highly Accurate, Stain-Free Cell Counting - CASY®

Cambridge Bioscience offers a highly accurate, well-established, multi-parameter analyser for cultured and primary cells. With a dynamic detection range from 0.7 up to 150 microns, the CASY counter can measure cell number and viability (without interference from dyes) of all cell types including algae, bacteria and yeast. The flexible, yet robust, methodology can also measure cell size distribution, cell aggregation and cell debris. Reproducible results are displayed in a single histogram, taking less than one minute per measurement, with no single-use counting chambers or slides necessary.

Benefits Of Using The CASY Counter
• Highly accurate
• No dyes required
• Count free cells & cell clumps/biomass
• 0.7 to 150 micron dynamic range
• Fast flow-through measurement
• Sensor is immersed in the sample solution
• Calibration-free
• High resolution data on cell status & size
• Integrated QA system checks
• Certified, traceable life time calibration
• GLP/ GMP compliant
• 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

CASY Cell Analyser

CASY Technology
Particles and cells passing through a defined size pore generate a resistance signal varying with their size and conductivity. Live cells with a polarised membrane generate a high resistance signal, whereas dying or dead cells display a much lower resistance due to their depolarised or fully disrupted cell membrane. The signal of one cell passing the pore is resolved with a high frequency of 1 MHz, and hence the area under the curve = the Integral can easily be calculated, the integral being the only parameter directly proportional to the cell size. As the integral is different with live cells, dead cells and debris, the particle sizes and their distribution can be recorded and analysed very precisely

Parameters Measured By CASY Counter
• Cell number - total cell count & live cell count
• Cell viability – non-invasive counting as no dyes or stains are used
• Cell size distribution – high resolution & large dynamic measuring range
• Cell volume – calculation of the average cell diameter
• Cell aggregation – measure & calculate cell aggregation factor (automatic correction possible)
• Cell debris – quality control of cell culture solutions

• DMPK hepatocyte assays
• Algal cell growth
• Bacteria counting
• Platelet counting & morphology
• Yeast & fermentation
• PBMC counting & grouping including changes in distribution
• Monitoring cell cycle growth phases
• Cell proliferation assays

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