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hERG concentration response assay

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to an assay service from B’SYS enabling the determination of therapeutic safety margins and proarrhythmic potential. This hERG concentration-response assay (either GLP or non-GLP compliance) is a manual patch clamp assay that determines an IC50 value which, in the context of intended therapeutic levels, provides an important benchmark for cardiac risk assessment. The assay can also be performed at physiological temperature and/or in the presence of human plasma or plasma proteins.

Benefits of using this hERG concentration response assay
• Quantitative assessment of inhibitory potency
• Physiological temperature available
• Pretesting options for concentration and solubility
• Concentration verification available
• Three week turnaround time with concentration analysis

Additional options available
The following features can be added to the standard project:
• Dose solution analysis – GLP and non-GLP
• Use-dependence analysis – perform assay in presence of human plasma or plasma proteins
• Temperature-dependence analysis
• Additional copies of final report
• Copies of solution worksheets and data-collection forms

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To discuss a hERG concentration response assay project, please contact our B'SYS specialist.

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