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hERG channel trafficking screening

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a hERG channel trafficking screening service from B’SYS. Determining the current density and fraction of partly and fully glycosylated channel proteins, this electrophysiological screening service enables the assessment of hERG risk even in molecules which alter the surface concentration of the channel (by inhibiting processing in the endoplasmic reticulum or reducing trafficking of the protein to the cell surface) which would not be seen in acute ion channel assays.

Benefits of using this hERG channel trafficking screening service
• Detect large and small drug molecules producing hERG risk by inhibiting protein trafficking from the endoplasmic reticulum
• Identify large and small drug molecules that block hERG directly
• Fully validated against known hERG trafficking inhibitors
• Large and small drug molecules run at three concentrations in triplicate

Material available for download
Luminescence based assay datasheet

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