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Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Prep Kits

Library normalisation technology for NGS
NGS library prep from limited samples

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Genotyping, targeted & amplicon sequencing

The term genotyping refers to the process of determining the genetic makeup of an organism. This can mean establishing the entire complement of genes carried by an individual (whole genome sequencing, or WGS) or identifying which specific alleles they possess. Genotyping is also widely used to investigate single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) since many of these point mutations have significant utility in studying heritable disease, in profiling tumours, or in predicting a patient’s response to drug treatment.

Cambridge Bioscience’s comprehensive portfolio encompasses a wide range of genotyping products. These include DNA library kits optimised for use with low input samples or designed to speed up WGS workflows, kits for targeted sequencing of specific gene subsets, and products to track samples during human genotyping studies.

Accel-NGS 2S DNA Library Kits
Swift Biosciences’ Accel-NGS 2S DNA Library Kits are designed to generate highly diverse libraries for Illumina® platforms. Suitable for whole genome, de novo, or whole exome sequencing, as well as for hybridization capture enrichment, metagenomics and ChIP-Seq applications, the Accel-NGS 2S family can be used with genomic DNA, FFPE, circulating cell free DNA (cfDNA) and fresh frozen tissue samples. Benefiting from a proprietary technology which allows processing of DNA inputs as low as 10 pg, Accel-NGS 2S DNA Library Kits are ideal to analyse small sample numbers or are readily automatable for high-throughput applications.

Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits
Leveraging a robust enzymatic fragmentation process and flexible indexing to accelerate workflows, Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits are applicable to WGS, metagenomic sequencing, long-range PCR amplicons, and RNA-Seq with a full length, double-stranded cDNA input. Available as an all-in-one configuration to facilitate rapid implementation, as well as an alternative format suitable for use with pre-determined full-length indexed adapters, Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits can also be employed to detect copy number variation, identify single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and indels, and used for hybridization capture of genomic regions or transcripts of interest.

Swift Hybridization Capture Kits
For workflows which require targeted sequencing, Swift Hybridization Capture Kits enable enrichment and sequencing of the human exome or subsets of disease-related genes involved in cancer or inherited diseases. Designed to reduce sequencing costs by targeting only genes of interest, Swift Hybridization Capture Kits benefit from high quality panels combined with optimised hybridization reagents and protocols to deliver superior on-target performance and comprehensive coverage of human coding sequences.

Accel-Amplicon Sample ID panel
Consisting of 95 primer pairs targeting exonic SNPs with high minor allele frequency (MAF) and 9 amplicons to determine gender, the Accel-Amplicon Sample ID panel from Swift Biosciences benefits from a discrimination power of 1:85,000. This provides confident sample tracking and management during human genotyping studies. Containing everything necessary to generate multiplex libraries compatible with Illumina™ sequencing platforms, Swift Accel-Amplicon Kits such as the Accel-Amplicon Sample ID panel are ideal for applications such as non-invasive pre-natal testing (NIPT), longitudinal studies, forensics and transplant rejection research. The Accel-Amplicon product range also includes kits for targeted sequencing of specific genes and has been validated for use with inputs as low as 10 ng.

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