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Genome-Wide 5-hmC Analysis

Cambridge Bioscience provides access to DNA hydroxymethylation analysis services from Zymo Research which offer unparalleled sensitivity and coverage of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC). Combining unique whole-genome library preparation with next-generation sequencing, these services ensure high coverage and high sensitivity. Simply send your DNA samples and the results will be returned in an easy-to-interpret, publication-ready format.

Reduced Representation Hydroxymethylation Profiling (RRHP)
This service is ideal for genome-wide profiling of 5-hmC in DNA at single-nucleotide resolution, strand-specific determination of the location of the 5-hmC modification as well as quantification of 5-hmC levels. With RRHP service data easily combined with DNA methylation data from Methyl-MiniSeq™, direct comparison of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation in the same sample can be achieved. Omission of chemical conversion processes allows for both low DNA input as well as straightforward SNP detection.

Benefits of Using the RRHP Services
• Strand-specific, single nucleotide display of 5-hmC
• Small sample input > 100 ng
• No need for parallel or subtractive sequencing runs
• Simultaneous detection of SNPs
• Convenient overlay with methylation data from Zymo's genome-wide DNA methylation services, find out more Here

5-hmC CapSeq
Featuring J-Binding Protein (JBP), this genome-wide 5-hmC analysis platform features cutting-edge 5-hmC DNA enrichment, library prep, and next-generation sequencing technologies to ensure the sensitivity of 5-hmC detection in a genome-wide context.

Benefits of Using the 5-hmC CapSeq Services
• Highly sensitive genome-wide 5-hmC analysis
• Low DNA input
• High-resolution data output
• Consolidated, customisable data report via a specially developed bioinformatics pipeline

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