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Rapid & Complete DNA Bisulphite Conversion Kits
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Assemble DNA Constructs Simply & Efficiently Using The Gibson Assembly® Method

Gene Synthesis

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to gene synthesis services using the GeneMaker® platform from Blue Heron. Custom gene constructs are provided either in Blue Heron’s standard high copy pUC  or pUC Minus MCS vectors or at additional cost can be provided in any of OriGene’s >140 PrecisionShuttle™ destination vectors which offer a range tagging options, selectable markers and vector backbones. Products are delivered as:
• 3-5 ug purified plasmid DNA
• Bacterial strain containing the plasmid
• Sequencing data & trace data posted electronically

GeneMaker® Platform Features
• Codon optimized sequences available for any species
• Complex sequence synthesis - GC rich, complex repeats & hairpin structures
• Variant single & pooled clone libraries
• Variants to improve antibody affinity
• Whole genome synthesis
• Large scale plasmid preparation of synthesised genes

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