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Fluorescence Background Reducers

Ultimate Western Blot Imaging System - cSeries c600

Assemble DNA Constructs Simply & Efficiently Using The Gibson Assembly® Method

Gel, Chemi & NIR Blot Imaging Systems - cSeries

Cambridge Bioscience introduces a range of imaging systems for documenting and analysing DNA and protein gels and Western blots using UV, visible light, chemiluminescence and visible/infrared fluorescence. With a market leading range of visualisation capabilities, the Azure Biosystems cSeries imaging systems enables the replacement of transilluminators, gel imagers and darkrooms with one high performance, small, upgradeable, multi-functional instrument. With a dual focussed camera a sharp image is taken every time for accurate detection of both low and high concentration targets.

Benefits Of Using The cSeries Systems
• UV to IR wavelengths visualised
• High functional dynamic range without saturation
• Multiple targets probed on a single blot
• Extends chemiluminescent imaging window
• Bands excised without leaving the imager
• Crisp, publication quality images taken
• No focusing
• No positioning
• Single, small footprint
• Upgradeable in situ

AzureSpot Software
The cSeries is provided with an optimised imaging software. This software can:
• Digitally isolate lanes & bands
• Identify & quantify targets
• Compensate for various types of background
• Export & transmit data via via Wi-Fi, Ethernet & USB

AzureSpot Software Processing Views

cSeries Compatible Probes

This list is not exhaustive, but contains some of the more common dyes, stains and fluors the cSeries can visualise

Material Available For Download
Imaging In-Gel Fluorescence & Stain-Free™ Gels Application Note
Stain-Free™ Gels for Western Blotting: Imaging & Total Protein Normalisation Application Note
Imaging Three-color Western Blots Application Note
Chemiluminescent & Fluorescent Westerns Application Note
Western Blot Normalisation

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Azure cSeries Citation List

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