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Molecular Biology Services

Transfection Ready Plasmid DNA In 20 Minutes With ZymoPURE II

Functional Kinase Screening & Profiling

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to low and high-throughput radiometric functional kinase profile screening services. Using a proprietary nanolitre screening technique, this service enables large-scale kinase profiling and high-throughput kinase screening.

Benefits of Using the Reaction Biology Functional Kinase Profile Screening Service
• Over 645 kinase target assays
• Gold standard P33 radioisotope-based screening
• 2 week turnaround
• Primary & secondary screening
• 10-dose IC50 curve as standard with raw data and report provided
• Competitive pricing
• Flexible ATP concentrations used from 1 µM to 10 µM

Broad Target Portfolio
These services screen a broad target portfolio consisting of:
374 Wild type protein kinases
232 Mutant kinases
24 Atypical kinases
17 Lipid kinases

To view the portfolio of targets that are screened, please Click Here

Cambridge Bioscience can offer access to the following services:

1. HotSpot Kinase Profiling
A standard low cost kinase profiling panel of 374 WT protein kinases, also known as “HotSpot”

2. HotSpot and HTRF Kinase Profiling
A broad multipanel consisting of over 645 kinase targets across all classes

Service Inclusions
These services include:
• HTS scale at single dose with duplicate profiling
• IC50 profiling - 5 or 10 dose with curve fitting
• Competitive evaluation of ATP
• Compound binding reversibility test
• Ki determination
• Custom assay development
• Substrate determination
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