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Functional Kinase Profile Screening Services

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to low and high-throughput radiometric functional kinase profile screening services. Using a proprietary nanolitre screening technique, this service enables large-scale kinase profiling and high-throughput kinase screening.

Benefits of Using This Functional Kinase Profile Screening Service
• Over 645 kinase target assays
• Gold standard P33 radioisotope-based screening
• 2 week turnaround
• Primary & secondary screening
• 10-dose IC50 curve as standard with raw data and report provided
• Competitive pricing
• Flexible ATP concentrations used from 1 µM to 10 µM

Broad Target Portfolio
These services screen a broad target portfolio consisting of:
• 374 Wild type protein kinases
• 232 Mutant kinases
• 24 Atypical kinases
• 17 Lipid kinases

To view the portfolio of targets that are screened (including epigenetic targets), please Click Here

Cambridge Bioscience can offer access to the following services:

1. HotSpot Kinase Profiling
A standard low cost kinase profiling panel of 374 WT protein kinases, also known as “HotSpot”

2. HotSpot and HTRF Kinase Profiling
A broad multipanel consisting of over 645 kinase targets across all classes

Service Inclusions
These services include:
• HTS scale at single dose with duplicate profiling
• IC50 profiling - 5 or 10 dose with curve fitting
• Competitive evaluation of ATP
• Compound binding reversibility test
• Ki determination
• Custom assay development
• Substrate determination
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