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Same Day Delivered Fresh Human Blood

Frozen Human Plasma

Fresh Human Plasma

Transfection Ready Plasmid DNA In 20 Minutes With ZymoPURE II

Fresh Human Whole Blood

Cambridge Bioscience offers researchers worldwide access to fresh human whole blood consented for genetic and non-genetic research from a UK based laboratory. Delivery on the same or next day after collection ensures minimum degradation enabling a more realistic representation of biochemical events. Collected based on each researcher’s specific needs, this blood provides a large proportion of mixed cell populations allowing isolation of various cell fractions together from the same donor. Whole blood can be processed into PBMCs, granulocytes, platelets etc.

Benefits of Using Our Fresh Blood Service
• Same day or overnight delivery
• Blood available 5 days per week
• Samples fully consented including for genetic use & commercial research purposes
• Large donor pool
• Up to 495 ml collected per donor
• Specific donor requests accommodated
• Choice of anti-coagulants & storage devices
• Chilled or ambient delivery temperature
• Comprehensive donor information provided
• UK based consent forms used


What Researchers Say About Our Blood Service
"The blood service is always precise and people are helpful. Samples are delivered in timely manner, the quality of blood received from Research Donors is very high and I look forward to working with Cambridge Bioscience again."
Senior Research Associate, Kymab

"The human blood products are of very good quality and helped us generate great data."
Senior Development Scientist, Momentum Bioscience

"I have found Vashu and team to offer the most excellent fresh blood service; they are very helpful and highly responsive. They provided exactly what we needed, on time and to specification. Perhaps most importantly, they did what they said they would do and maintained fabulous communication throughout the ordering process. I would certainly recommend the fresh blood service to others."
General Manager, Complement Genomics

"We have used Cambridge Bioscience for nearly over a year now, purchasing frozen, fresh PBMCs, and whole blood samples. Service is fantastic, and prices are reasonable. You will have a dedicated person dealing with your order, from placing of order to delivery. I thoroughly recommend!"
Clinical Application Specialist, Miltenyi Biotec

Donor Screening
All donors are screened for the following
• HIV I/II, Hep B & Hep C, Syphilis
• Alcohol-free for 24 hours via a breathalyser

Contact Our Team Of Blood Specialists
To request a quote or find out more, please contact our team of blood specialists Here

These products are for Research Use Only and not for any diagnostic, therapeutic, human or animal use. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have necessary licensing and ethics approvals in place for the use and storage of any human tissue related material supplied by Cambridge Bioscience.

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