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Fosmid Library Construction

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a simple and fast fosmid library construction service from Lucigen. Combining the exclusive Random Shear Technology and the highly efficient CopyRight® v2.0 pSMART® FOS vector, this service enables the unbiased production of fosmid libraries < 90 kb with a minimal (~10 kb) window of variation. The CopyRight v2.0 system ensures high yields of Fosmid DNA, resulting in a >95% success rate in fosmid end-sequencing. High efficiency CopyRight®  v2.0 FOS vectors and the E. cloni® FOS Replicator™ Cells substantially increase recombinant yields produced by this service enabling the use of 100-fold less DNA.

Benefits Of Using This Fosmid Library Construction
• Unbiased fosmid libraries from combining Random Shear Technology & CopyRight® v2.0 pSMART® FOS Vector
• Clone & sequencing gaps are practically eliminated
• Potential problem of generating chimeric clones is eliminated
• Large fosmid inserts available < 90 kb with a minimal (~10 kb) window of variation
• Exceptional fosmid DNA yield resulting in a >95% success rate in fosmid end-sequencing
• Small DNA input required
• Simple & fast

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