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Exosome RNA Next-Generation Sequencing Service

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a comprehensive and expert service for the isolation and identification of exosome-associated RNA biomarkers. Exo-RNA is purified from samples and used to build high-quality Illumina® NGS bar-coded libraries. This data is then analysed using the exclusive Maverix Biomics exosome RNA analysis system. This complete exosome RNA-seq analytic solution includes abundance, RNA type, expression heatmaps and genomic mapping to help accelerate biomarker discovery.

Benefits Of Using The Exosome RNA Next-Generation Sequencing Service
• For any type of exosomal RNA
• From as little as 1 ng total RNA
• From almost any biofluid
• High percentage of usable reads for uncovering novel biomarkers
• Results as data files and web-based presentation of the findings

The Exosomal RNA Library Preps Provide Better Separation Between Exosomal RNA And The Uninformative Adaptor Dimers

The exosomal RNA library preps provide better separation between exosomal RNA and the uninformative adaptor dimers

(A) Using standard library preparation methods, the adaptor dimer band overlaps with the exosomal RNA band, leading to higher levels of contaminating adaptor sequence reads and fewer usable exosomal RNA reads. (B) The Exosome Rna Next-Generation Sequencing Service's library preparation method leads to better separation between the adaptor sequences and the exosomal RNA, resulting in a higher percentage of usable exosomal RNA sequence reads.

The Exosomal RNA Library Preps Result In More Total Reads And More Usable Reads After Quality Assessment And Control (QA/QC) Filtering

The exosomal RNA library preps result in more total reads and more usable reads after quality assessment and control (QA/QC) filtering


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