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Epigenetics, ChIPseq & Methylseq

Epigenetics is the study of molecular events that occur on DNA to modify gene expression without altering the DNA sequence. These heritable changes can arise spontaneously, or they may be induced by environmental factors or as a result of gene mutations. There are two main types of epigenetic modification, namely DNA methylation and histone modifications. Researchers studying these events have shown them to be major determining factors in processes which include cellular growth and differentiation, disease progression, and therapeutic response.

Cambridge Bioscience offers a comprehensive product portfolio to support epigenetic research. This includes next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation solutions for Methyl-Seq and ChIP-Seq, high purity NGS enzymes, and innovative reagents for ribosomal RNA depletion.

Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq DNA kibrary kit
The Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit from Swift Biosciences is optimised for methylation sequencing methods which include whole genome bisulphite sequencing (WGBS), reduced representation bisulphite sequencing (RRBS), and targeted bisulphite sequencing through hybridisation capture methods. By employing a post-bisulphite library preparation workflow to maximise DNA recovery, the Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq DNA Library Kit is suitable for even low input quantities such as liquid biopsy from cell-free DNA for oncology studies.

Benefits of using the Accel-NGS Methyl-Seq DNA library kit
• High recovery of input DNA
• Low bias library preparation
• Simple, 2-hour protocol
• Inputs from 100 pg to 100 ng
• Minimal PCR cycles required
• Suitable for ancient, uracil-containing DNA samples
• Reveals the complete methylome

Accel-NGS Adaptase Module
Enabling researchers to construct single-cell Methyl-Seq libraries from bisulphite-converted, single-stranded DNA, Swift Biosciences’ Accel-NGS Adaptase Module is an excellent choice for a diversity of single cell methylation applications. Because bisulphite treatment results in lower quantity and quality DNA, the Accel-NGS Adaptase Module is optimised to maximise the recovery of DNA containing uracil residues and low concentrations of AT-rich template. This delivers superior complexity libraries with reduced composition bias which are highly representative of the methylome.

Benefits of using the Accel-NGS Adaptase Module
• Enhanced mapping rate (> 2-fold increase over other methods)
• Greater data output, reduced sequencing cost
• Larger (> 2-fold) library insert size
• Workflow uses a single random priming cycle
• Three-dimensional indexing (sequence up to 384 individual cells in parallel)
• Suitable for many applications

Accel-NGS 2S Plus DNA Library Kit
Optimised for use with double-stranded DNA inputs, the Accel-NGS 2S product family from Swift Biosciences employs a combination of unique fragment repair mechanisms and a highly efficient adapter technology to generate diverse libraries for Illumina® platforms. Included within this product range, the Accel-NGS 2S Plus DNA Library Kit supports inputs as low as 10 pg and offers exceptional performance for whole genome sequencing of limiting samples such as FFPE and ChIP-Seq.

Benefits of using the Accel-NGS 2S Plus DNA Library Kit
• Exceptional yields from DNA inputs of 10 pg to 250 ng
• Sequential repair steps
• High complexity libraries for deep sequencing
• No base composition bias from AT-/GC-rich genomes
• No adapter titration or heat steps involved
• “With bead” workflow
• Readily automatable

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