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Locus-Specific 5-mC Analysis - MethylCheck™
Comprehensive Epigenetic Profiling and Screening Services
Custom miRNA Overexpression, Inhibition & UTR Services

Optimise Your Microbiomics Workflows with ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standards


Epigenetic Screening & Profiling Services

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to the largest panel for epigenetic screening and profiling in the industry. Offering access to over 30 methyltransferases and 100 reader domain proteins, histone acetylases, histone deacetylases, demethylases, deubiquitinases, PARPs and more, our comprehensive epigenetic screening and profiling services provide researchers with a valuable tool for understanding the role of epigenetic modifications in a range of human diseases.

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