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All-in-One Stabilisation DNA / RNA Shield™ Reagent

Low Toxicity Live Cell Nuclear Stains

Efficient Pathogen DNA & RNA Isolation

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DNA & RNA stabilisation

Cambridge Bioscience offers a product for the all-in-one stabilisation of DNA and RNA in cells, biological liquids and tissues. Effectively lysing cells and inactivating nucleases and infectious agents (virus), DNA / RNA Shield™ preserves the genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples during storage/transport at temperatures between 4 - 25°C for up to 30 days.

Benefits of using DNA / RNA Shield™
• Genetic integrity and expression profiles preserved at ambient temperatures
• Wide sample compatibility
• DNA and RNA isolated directly without precipitation or reagent removal
• Infectious agents (virus) inactivated
• Nucleases inactivated
• Compatible with various collection and storage devices
• Available in a wide variety of prefilled sample collection devices

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