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High Efficiency Competent Cells for Protein Expression
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Custom Competent Cell Service

Cambridge Bioscience offers, in collaboration with Lucigen, access to a custom competent cell service for general cloning, large or difficult fragment cloning (mutagenesis, etc.), library construction, protein expression and phage display library (ER2738, SS320, TG1 strains available) applications. Enabling electrocompetent or chemically competent cells to be produced from any strain quickly, efficiently and of consistently high quality, our custom competent cell service offers researchers great performance, value and convenience.

Benefits Of Using This Custom Competent Cells Service
• Highest transformation efficiencies (even ≥ 4 x 10^10 cfu/µg DNA)
• Both chemically competent or electrocompetent cell options
• Any E. coli strain made to the highest possible efficiency (Lucigen's or your own [BSL1 only])
• Dispensed into tubes or plates
• Dispensed at any volume

• Cloning (mutagenesis, etc.)
• Phage display (TG1, SS320, MC1061 F- & ER2738 strains available)
• Library construction
• Protein expression

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