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COVID-19 testing and research

In the current challenging times with the rapid global spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Cambridge Bioscience are here to support scientists involved in COVID-19 testing, research and vaccine development.

Our key COVID-19 reagent products include:

  • DNA/RNA Shield - pathogen deactivation and room temp transport of swab samples
  • Viral RNA extraction kits - efficient extraction of viral RNA from clinical samples
  • COVID-19 diagnostic assays
  • qPCR instruments and reagents including primer sets and enzymes
  • ELISAs, antibodies and proteins for COVID-19 detection and research
  • NGS platform and products for COVID-19 surveillance
  • COVID-19 positive human convalescent serum, plasma and PBMCs

Our wider range of research products includes many other tools that will be useful in efforts to research the biology of the virus as well as develop new treatments and vaccines.