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Count Cells Without Slides - CellDrop

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Count Cells Without Slides - CellDrop™

Cambridge Bioscience offers a unique automated cell counter with no need for disposable plastic slides. Enabling consumable-free cell counting whilst avoiding time consuming and inconsistent manual haemocytometer counts, the CellDrop™ includes brightfield and dual-channel epifluorescence microscopy optics to give fast, accurate cell count and viability measurements with simple reporting software.

Benefits Of Using The CellDrop™
• Fast, accurate cell count &P viability measurements
• Eliminate slide costs
• Simple reporting software
• Fits inside most flow hoods for hazardous sample processing
• Option for slide use using cells that require containment without additional adaptors













• Cell counting of cell culture (bf)
• Simple viability measurements of primary lines / PBMCs (AO/PI)

CellDrop™ Models Available
• CellDrop™ FL– dual fluorescence & brightfield
• CellDrop™ BF – brightfield

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Material Available For Download
CellDrop™ Brochure