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CF™ Dye range

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of CF™ Dye comprising 20 fluorophores spanning the EM spectrum from UV to near IR. The CF™ dyes rival or exceeds the brightness of other commercially available dyes and are highly pH insensitive whilst boasting amongst the highest photostability available. The dyes are particularly useful as antibody conjugates because they are less highly charged than many other available dyes ensuring they have a reduced impact upon the protein isoelectric point which is known to affect target specificity.

Benefits of using CF™ Dyes
• Superior brightness and photostability
• Suitable for in vivo imaging
• High specificity

CF Dye Selection Guide
CF™ Dye formats available
• Secondary Antibody Conjugates
• NHS Esters
• Annexin V and Phalloidin Conjugates
• Mix-n-Stain Protein Staining Kits - find out more.
Material available for download
CF™ Dye selection guide

CF™ Dye citation list

Alexa Fluor® is a registered trademark of Invitrogen.
Cy™ is a trademark of GE Healthcare.

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