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Microvolume Spectrophotometer - DS-11 Systems
Countess™ Slides
Precision Disposable Haemocytometer

Assemble DNA Constructs Simply & Efficiently Using The Gibson Assembly® Method

Automated Cell Counters

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of automated cell counters for a wide range of applications depending on individual needs.

The EVE™ is the perfect choice for quick cell culture counts, performing accurate counting and live/dead analysis in less than 20 seconds

The CellDrop™ enables high-speed cell counting without slides, using typan or AO/PI methods, eliminating consumable costs and reducing plastic waste.

The CASY® Counter offers high accuracy, stain-free analysis of cultured cells and primary cell lines including PBMCs.

The Celigo® Image Cytometer offers super-fast scanning and analysis of multi-well plates to accurately  identify every cell in every well.

We also offer a range of cell counting slides for the EVE™ and Countess™ cell counters as well as the world’s first true disposable haemocytometer, the C-Chip .

Countess™ is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific

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