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Precision Disposable Haemocytometer
High-Speed Fluorescence Cytometer - Arthur
Countess™ Slides

Optimise Your Microbiomics Workflows with ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standards


C-Chip Haemocytometer Slides

Cambridge Bioscience supplies the world’s first true disposable haemocytometer, the C-Chip.

Benefits Of Using C-Chips
• Disposable
• Coverslips not required
• Washing & reuse time eliminated
• Exposure to infectious samples reduced 
• Contamination risk reduced 
• Repeatability & reliability guaranteed
• Sturdy & strong - quartz grade optical plastic used
• Two tests per slide

• Blood analysis (Haematology) 
• Blood cell counting (Cell culture)
• Cell concentration measurement
• Cell viability test (Microbiology)
• Bacteria & fungal spore counting IVF, IUI
• Sperm counting

Neubauer Improved (100 µm depth) - DHC-N01
Fuchs Rosenthal (200 µm depth) - DHC-F01
Burker (100 µm depth) - DHC-B01
Burker Turk (100 µm depth) - DHC-B02
Malassez (200 µm depth) - DHC-M01

EVE™ Slides
Slides compatible with the the EVE™ cell counters can be found Here

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