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Cambridge Bioscience offers researchers worldwide access to fresh human blood products consented for genetic & non-genetic research from a London based lab. Fresh peripheral blood is collected based on each researcher’s specific needs from a large donor pool, with same or next day delivery depending on location 5 days a week.  In addition to fresh blood, we are also able to provide frozen peripheral and cord blood products, such as plasma, serum, buffy coats, purified cord blood CD34+ HSCs & cord tissue-derived MSCs.

These products are for Research Use Only and not for any diagnostic, therapeutic, human or animal use. Please be aware that the collection and storage of human tissue in the UK is regulated by the Human Tissue Authority and/or local research ethics committees. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have necessary licensing and ethics approvals in place for the use and storage of any human tissue related materials that are supplied by Cambridge Bioscience. Please note that NHS Research Ethics Committee approval may be required should you require specific repeat donors.

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