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Benchtop Fluorescence Microscope - JuLI™ FL

Cambridge Bioscience offers a fluorescence and brightfield microscope able to work both on the bench and in an incubator. Running up to two scopes from a single base station, the JuLI™ FL makes it simple to check transfection efficiencies, confluence and morphology without opening the incubator. Th JuLI™ FL also provides fast and accurate benchtop counting and viability measures, as well as time-lapse video and imaging, to make monitoring cells even easier.

Benefits of Using the JuLI™ FL
Dual scope capability
Use up to 2 GFP or RFP scopes in any combination from a single base station
Automated confluence detection
Check cell confluence from outside the incubator with a few button presses
Compact, in-incubator design
Two scope units can fit on one shelf in most standard incubators, saving valuable space
Intuitive controls
User friendly touch screen interface makes learning and using the system simple
Easy export to USB
Move your images, tables and videos to where you need them quickly and easily

JuLI™ FL Applications
1. Cell confluence / morphology
2. Cell counting / viability
3. Transfection efficiency
4. Time-lapse video

1. Cell Confluence / Morphology
With the JuLI™ FL base unit outside the incubator and the JuLI™ FL scope inside, cells can be monitored without opening the door. One-touch confluence measurement makes it simple to confirm the right time to passage cells or spot any changes in cell morphology.

2. Cell Counting / Viability
Manual counting is laborious and variable from person to person. The JuLI™ FL's counting slides enable rapid, reproducible counts with size gating and live/dead analysis. Each cell is marked on the image so you can be confident the numbers match what you see.

3. Transfection Efficiency
Transfections often require checking periodically to make sure the cells are both healthy and expressing the transfected protein. This information is easy to gather from the base station outside the incubator with the JuLI™ FL, making it even simpler to check your cells. If a transfection is problematic, time-lapse imaging can help indicate the difference between expression-related toxicity and low transfection levels.

4. Time-Lapse Video
With a few button presses, time-lapse videos of cells can be recorded with the JuLI™ FL. Intervals can be set for as little as one minute or as long as several hours, enabling the analysis of expression, migration, wound healing and cytotoxicity simply and easily. Growth curve and wound healing data can be exported to USB along with the movie.

JuLI™ FL Demonstration
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