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Automated Cell Counter - EVE

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Automated Cell Counter - EVE™

Cambridge Bioscience offers an image based automated cell counter. Using an algorithm to identify and count clumped cells, EVE™ performs accurate counting and live/dead analysis in less than 20 seconds.

Benefits and Features of EVE™
Fast & accurate counting
Samples counted in <20 seconds
Cell clump identification
Advanced algorithm identifies clumps & counts cells within them
User friendly interface
Intuitive software makes counting simple & calculates dilutions
Broad cell range compatibility
Cells counted between 5 - 60 μm
Cell size gating
Upper & lower gates set simply
Low running costs
Less than 50p per count
Image & data export
Images exported as JPEGs & data as CSVs via USB

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Zoomed Image Of Cells On An EVE™ Slide

Results Of Cell Count Showing Viability & Total Counts

GUI Showing Gated Cell Population & Counts

Technical Specifications

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