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Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a wide range of assay services including cell-based assay development, immunoassay development and screening from our highly experienced service suppliers. 

Reaction Biology Corporation (RBC) is an industry leader in providing kinase assay screening services for early-stage drug discovery. With access to over 680 validated kinase target assays for screening, RBC also offers epigenetic and protease assays and hERG, CYP, HSP90, and cell based screening services for selectivity compound profiling. Download the kinase target list.

Raybiotech offers Simoa™, a powerful, ultra-sensitive single molecule array testing service enabling the detection and quantification of biomarkers at concentrations previously difficult to measure.

Our assay specialists, Cayman Chemical and Hycult Biotech, have decades of experience in designing and validating plate-based, mass spectrometry-based, cell-based, and flow cytometry assays enabling the development and validation of an assay that meets your specific requirements.

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