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Viromer® CRISPR
Culture, Quantify, Isolate & Amplify Exosomes

Exosome-Depleted FBS

Get More Reliable & Robust Results In Gene Silencing With siPOOL™

2D cell culture ECM surface coatings - NativeCoat™

NativeCoat™ is a solubilised, tissue-specific extracellular matrix with native biochemical (porcine) cell composition to maintain phenotype in 2D cell culture. Demonstrating consistent lot-to-lot composition, NativeCoat™ contains the full milieu of proteins and growth factors to recapitulate the native cell environment in vitro to enable increased cell attachment, viability and proliferation as well as enhanced function and activation of signalling pathways.

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Xylyx - Tissue-Specific ECM Substrates For 2D & 3D Cell Culture