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Offer: Get 20% off Atlas Antibodies' neuroscience range

test imageFor a limited time, get 20% off the list price of neuroscience antibodies from Atlas Antibodies. Just quote the code NEURO20 on your purchase order for your discount to be applied.

Atlas Antibodies' neuroscience catalogue features a wide range of primary monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies designed to recognise the diverse neurochemical cell types in rodent and human nervous systems, highly validated in cell lines, rodents and human tissues. 

See the full range, including antibodies for neuroinflammation, synaptic signaling, neural lineage, neurodegenerative disease and development research in the Atlas Antibodies neuroscience marker panel brochure.

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Terms & conditions
- Offer ends 30th June 2021
- Purchase order must include a qualifying product
- 'NEURO20' must be stated on your Purchase Order to receive 20% from list price

- Discount code must be stated at the time of ordering and cannot be added retrospectively
- Orders received after the offer end date will not be discounted 
- Products from other suppliers are excluded from the offer