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Highly Validated Granulocyte & Lymphocyte ELISAs
ExoQuick® ULTRA
All-in-One Stabilisation DNA / RNA Shield™ Reagent

Get More Reliable & Robust Results In Gene Silencing With siPOOL™

Saving You Money With High Quality Alternatives

Saving You Money With High Quality Alternatives

Cambridge Bioscience has a passion for bringing new and exciting life science technologies to researchers and we aim to offer our customers only the highest quality or most innovative products that will enhance their research.

We believe that high quality should not mean high cost but should instead mean great value. Hence, we offer guarantees that our products will work as stated in the datasheets.

Antibody Guarantee
Cambridge Bioscience offers a full guarantee that our antibodies will work in the applications and species stated on the datasheet. If our antibodies do not fullfill this promise, we will not only refund your purchase price but also give you 50% off the list price of any alternative Cambridge Bioscience antibody to the same target.
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