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ZymoTaq DNA polymerase

ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase from Zymo Research is a heat-activated, “hot start” polymerase with 3′-terminal transferase activity. Specifically designed for the amplification of bisulphite-treated DNA for methylation detection, the addition of “A” overhangs to amplified DNA also makes it ideal for use in TA-cloning or conventional PCR.

Benefits of using ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase
• Heat-activated and thermostable for reduced primer dimer and non-specific product formation
• Specific amplicons generated with little or no by-product formation
• Simple and easy to use

ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase Gel

Efficient PCR amplification of bisulphite-treated DNA for methylation detection. Figure shows a 274 bp product amplified from bisulphited-treated DNA using ZymoTaq DNA polymerase vs polymerases from supplier Y and N. In each case, equal amounts of bisulphite-treated DNA (EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning™ kit from Zymo Research) were used for each duplicate PCR reaction and the products were visualised using the Agilent 2200 TapeStation® system.

Material available for download
ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase manual

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