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Tumour transendothelial migration assay - CytoSelect™

Cell Biolabs offers a fast, quantitative method for the investigation of tumour cell extravasation and interaction between the endothelium and cancer cells. The CytoSelect™ tumour transendothelial migration assay uses Boyden Chamber based technology incorporating an uncoated polycarbonate 8 µm pore membrane insert. Tumour cells are seeded and the migratory cells assayed with results viewed by fluorescence plate reader.

CytoSelect™ tumour transendothelial migration assay protocol

 Benefits of using CytoSelect™ tumour transendothelial migration assay
• Quantification of interaction between endothelium and tumour cells
• 8 µm pore membrane insert designed specifically for tumour cells
• No manual cell counting
• Highly sensitive results on a fluorescence plate reader

Quantitation of Human Breast Cancer MDA-231 Cells.  CytoTracker™ labeled MDA-231 cells were titrated in 1X PBS, then subsequently lysed with 2X Lysis Buffer (75 µL of cell suspension was mixed with 75 µL of 2X Lysis Buffer). Fluorescence was quantified as described in the Assay Protocol.

Material available for download
CytoSelect™ tumour transendothelial mgration assay protocol

CytoSelect™ tumour transendothelial migration assay citations


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