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TrueBlack™ Lipofuscin Autofluorescence Quencher

TrueBlack™ acts as a highly effective reagent for quenching lipofuscin autofluorescence in tissue sections after immunofluorescence staining. Eliminating high, nonspecific background fluorescence in the red and far-red channels as seen with Sudan Black B, treatment of immunostained tissues is rapid, simple and has minimal effect on signal from fluorescent antibodies or nuclear counterstains, preserving the signal-to-noise ratio of the immunostaining.

Benefits of using the TrueBlack™ Lipofuscin Autofluorescence Quencher
• Simple protocol
• Lipofuscin autofluorescence eliminated effectively
• High background fluorescence avoided
• Fluorescence imaging of human and aged animal tissues enabled
• Fluorescent antibodies and nuclear counterstains compatible

Note: TrueBlack™ is designed to quench autofluorescence caused by lipofuscin, it is not effective at reducing autofluorescence from other sources such as glutaraldehyde-induced fluorescence or endogenous fluorescence of collagen or elastin.

Lipofuscin autofluorescence in methanol-fixed adult human tissue sections. Untreated tissue (top row), lipofuscin appeared as fluorescent granules that fluoresced in all fluorescence channels. Sudan Black B (middle row) masked lipofuscin autofluorescence, but introduced background in the red and far-red channels. TrueBlack (bottom row) masked lipofuscin with minimal increase in fluorescence background (bottom row).

Material available for download
TrueBlack™ protocol
TrueBlack™ flyer

TrueBlack™ citation list

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