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TrueBlack® IF Background Suppressor System

Cambridge Bioscience offers a highly effective buffer system for suppressing fluorescent background from both non-specific antibody binding and charged fluorescent dyes in cells and tissue sections after IF staining. Using non-mammalian blocking agents for broad secondary antibody compatibility, the TrueBlack® IF background suppressor system is an ideal solution highly efficient background blocking.

Benefits of using TrueBlack IF background suppressor system
• Non-specific background suppressed
• Cells or tissue sections IF stained
• Block and permeabilise in 10 minutes
• Non-mammalian blocking agents
• Broad secondary antibody compatibility
• Trial size available

TrueBlack IF Background Suppressor reduces non-specific binding of antibodies conjugated to charged fluorescent dyes

TrueBlack® Background Suppressor System Figure 1

Methanol-fixed HeLa cells were blocked for 10 minutes with fish gelatin blocking buffer or TrueBlack® IF Background Suppressor, then stained with no primary antibody or mouse anti-tubulin antibody, followed by goat anti-mouse secondary antibody conjugated to the indicated dyes. Antibodies were diluted in the same buffer used for blocking.

For immunofluorescence blocking of cells or tissue sections

TrueBlack® Background Suppressor System Figure 2

Rat intestine cryosection blocked with TrueBlack® IF Background Suppressor (Permeabilising) and stained with CF®555 Mix-n-Stain™ labelled anti-ZO1 (tight junctions, red) and NucSpot® 470 nuclear stain (nuclei, green), diluted in TrueBlack® IF Blocking Buffer (Permeabilising) for staining.

• Immunofluorescence staining

Materials Available To Download
TrueBlack® IF Background Suppressor System Protocol
Fluorescence Background Blockers Brochure

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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
TrueBlack® IF Background Suppressor System (Permeabilizing) BT23012-T · Biotium
20 assays £44.00
20 assays
TrueBlack® IF Background Suppressor System (Permeabilizing) BT23012 · Biotium
200 assays £220.00
200 assays