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Total RNA profiling by qPCR - RNA-Quant™

RNA-Quant™ is an all-in-one cDNA synthesis kit designed to tag and convert any type of RNA into detectable and quantifiable cDNAs. Compatible with both human and mouse RNA samples, the RNA-Quant™ kit enables the profiling any RNA, no matter its identity or localisation.

Benefits of using RNA-Quant™
• Profile any RNA: mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, sn/snoRNA, rRNA
• Efficiently create cDNA to measure any RNA by qPCR
• Full RNA coverage obtained

How the RNA-Quant kit works

Kit inclusions
The RNA-Quant™ kit includes three endogenous RNA reference qPCR assays as normalisation signals. These assays include miR-16 microRNA, Y RNA lncRNA and GAPDH mRNA and will work with both human and mouse RNA samples.

Example qPCR profile for lncRNA and miRNA

Total RNA was harvested from human HT1080 cells using standard Trizol extraction protocols. RNA-Quant was used to tail and tag all RNAs into quantifiable cDNA for qPCR analysis. Sample amplification plots and specificity tests using dissociation analyses are shown above. 

Material available for download
RNA-Quant™ cDNA Synthesis Kit datasheet
RNA-Quant™ cDNA Synthesis Kit manual


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