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Swift Normalase Amplicon Panels (SNAP)

The Swift Normalase® Amplicon Panels (SNAP) from Swift Biosciences allow you to target your amplicons of interest and normalise your libraries within 2 hours, even from low input samples. Utilising multiple overlapping amplicons in a single tube, ready-to-sequence libraries can be prepared. The PCR1+PCR2 workflow generates robust libraries even from low input quantities of DNA that may be subsequently quantified and normalised with conventional methods such as Qubit® or Agilent Bioanalyzer, or optionally using the included Swift Normalase reagents.

Primer pairs used in SNAP are compatible with short DNA fragments and are designed for generating libraries from human input DNA as low as 10 ng or pathogen RNA/DNA in the picogram range. This unique design enables applications utilising limiting or damaged samples, such as FFPE and cfDNA, and provides powerful solutions for detecting variants and screening clinically-relevant mutations with limits of detection down to 1%.

Benefits of using the Normalase Amplicon NGS Panels
• Multiplex hundreds to thousands of targets in a single tube PCR
• Robust yields from low input samples using PCR1+PCR2 workflow
• Supports high throughput library quantification methods (fluorometric, electrophoretic or Swift Normalase)
• Designed for germline and somatic variant detection, or targeted pathogen sequencing
• Optimised for all Illumina® sequencing platforms
• Provides high on-target percentage and coverage uniformity

Swift SNAP workflow

SNAP panels are available in two formats:
1. Pre-designed NGS panels
Expertly designed panels using content from peer-reviewed publications and thought leader input. Includes assays for cancer genes, rare disease, and sample tracking
2. Custom NGS Panels
Start from scratch. We will help you through the design process and validate a unique panel for you to cover exactly what you need

SNAP order requirements
To complete your SNAP order, select one from each of the three categories below:
1. Choose a SNAP Multiplex Primer Pool
2. Add the the SNAP Core kit
3. Choose a SNAP Indexing Primer Kit

Material available to download
Swift Normalase Amplicon Panels protocol

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